Posted by: quokkagirl | February 23, 2011

A Very Similar Story

Today, I was speaking with a new acquaintance.  We asked the regular questions about home, work and children and a small amount of information was exchanged.  However, when I mentioned I had a background in learning disabilities the conversation shifted.  Suddenly there came a very detailed account of how her child hadn’t been diagnosed with dysgraphia until his year in Grade 12!  There were a number of elements to consider: he’s gifted, he’s avoidant, he’s sociable and a great guy, the community is remote, services are few and far between.  Still, after 12 years in the school system he’s still unsure of how to manage and move beyond his learning issues.  This is not the only story like this that I’ve heard in the past weeks.  There have been two more accounts of exceptional children being underserved by their present education system and I’m wondering what has to change?  How can advocacy for students with learning disabilities, especially in remote regions help to change the endings of these stories?  Can community awareness be the first step?  Will services be provided to support these needs?  Can they be maintained? More importantly, who will fund them?  There are a lot of questions. However, the main question is, isn’t it time for students with learning disabilities to get the rightful support that they need?


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