Posted by: quokkagirl | February 22, 2011

Learning Disabilities in a North American Context

Recently, I’ve relocated to North America as part of a family move.  I’m now located in Kitimat, British Columbia, which is a 2 hour plane ride north of Vancouver.  It’s a small community that has recently downsized due to economic issues but has a strong core of permanent residents.  Like many remote communities, specialised services for students with learning disabilities/difficulties can be hard to find and there are very few long-term programs in place for those with processing issues.  During the next four months, I will be offering free workshops for parents sponsored by Kitimat Community Services Society and hope to see a solid turnout.  I’m sure that there are a number of issues to discuss such as how parents can work together to create assessment and remediation options in town and how school and community groups can work in concert with local industry to help fund and organise some of these support mechanisms.  I’m looking forward to being involved while I’m here and see great potential for Kitimat to develop new ideas into opportunities for people managing learning disabilities.



  1. Jen, The idea you have sounds like a super one. Hope the people there take advantage of your offer.


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