Posted by: quokkagirl | September 3, 2010

Finally ready to contribute to the conversation

It’s been awhile since I set up this blog and there certainly hasn’t been much posted.  However, now that I’m back to being a full-time student, the time has come to be actively involved in the conversation concerning learning disabilities and difficulties.

Firstly, I’d like to use this forum as a way of sounding out the concepts I’m investigating in my doctoral thesis, which is concerned with uncovering teacher’s perceptions of learning difficulties and the students they’ve taught with these learning issues.

Secondly, I’ve been reminded that there is an ongoing dialogue between parents and educators concerning the way learning disabilities and difficulties are being handled in the public school systems, which is tempered by frustration, concern and blame.  There now needs to be a discussion about timely, proactive action to build support mechanisms now available or that can be utilised from various respected sources.  Students with learning disabilities and difficulties need to be supported by the entire educational community with everyone invited to contribute to the conversation.

Finally, as I look towards a move to North America in 2011, I would hope this blog can help dispel myths, offer support and open up new opportunities, while maintaining my connections with WA while I’m gone.   I believe it’s important to develop interconnectedness between all those intrested in supporting people with learning disabilities so that progress is made.  When everyone’s opinion is respectfully sought, the conversation can only get better


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