Posted by: quokkagirl | January 28, 2010

Who is Quokkagirl?

There are a number of reasons for beginning this blog.  One is to allow myself an open format to discuss the area of learning disabilities with interested individuals.  Another is to share and gather relevant information that can assist people dealing with the issues that arise from learning disabilities.   There is also a desire to develop a forum for debate concerning the political and social justice aspects of learning disabilities.  This includes a focus on the importance of providing  informed, timely and positive support, which can make a great difference on the impact of learning disabilities.

At the moment, I am the co-ordinator of Network South West a self advocacy support group for people with intellectual, learning and mental health disabilities.  I provide self-advocacy support as well as learning and social networking opportunities for a membership of adults aged between 18 and 35 in the Bunbury and Southwest region of Western Australia (WA).   As well, I am currently a PhD candidate at Murdoch University in the area of Inclusive Education conducting research on teacher’s perceptions of their experiences with students with learning difficulties.   For the past 15 years, I have worked with students with learning disabilities in a number of capacities including classroom teacher, specialised tutor, community college instructor and educational services provider in Australia, the United States and Canada.

I want to be involved in the ongoing discourse surrounding learning disabilities and their impact on the educational process.  I want to share the knowledge I have as well as gain a new perspective on what is currently happening in this area.  I also want to help connect people dealing with learning disabilities to those parties that can provide required support.  I am keen to move forward and am open to new views.  I look forward to hearing from those interested in evolving with this conversation.



  1. Very well written Jen, but you forgot to actually tell people who you are! What is your name for instance? What was your undergraduate area of study? What did you write your MA thesis about? What other institutes of higher learning have you attended, etc. It’s important to get that on the blog asap, plus a photo. Get Jacob to take a new of you on a day that you’re all dolled up! Keep up the good work! Your bff and blog consultant, Christine

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