Posted by: quokkagirl | January 23, 2010

Hello Everyone!

This is my first on-line conversation and I’m excited about the possibilities.  I’ve been working in the area of learning disabilities for a number of years as a teacher, tutor and advocate and feel that having informative, supportive conversations can help bring the concept of learning disabilities into better focus and be instumental in preventing what is a learning difference or difficulty from becoming a true disability.  I hope to hear from a number of interested people in order to share information as well as receive it.  Thanks for your attention and let the discourse begin.



  1. Hey Jennifer,
    You are a busy bee at the moment. I am loving the job but you have me following in your footsteps as I have started a masters in special ed while working. You are ahead of me but I am really intersted in boys and learing and I went on a pd with an ian lilico which was really interesting. I will call you soon for a chatxxx

  2. I beleive WA should be seriously looking at what is happening over seas. In the UK, USA and Canada their legislation recognised children who have significant learning needs like dyslexia, while this is not the case in Australia. These chidlren’s needs are mostly ignored. I believe there are answers to this difficult problem I believe, and some are not that hard to implement. From Dr Nola Firth has just completed the Churchill fellowship on dyslexia…”Each school formed its own dyslexia policy. “One of those set down that STUDENTS WITH DYSLEXIA WOULD NOT BE ASKED TO READ ALOUD, would have access to alternative assessment methods and would receive assessment that did not include spelling accuracy………..Since the initiative was introduced at St Paul’s in 2007, literacy results had jumped higher than the Northern Ireland average………………..Research shows that without intervention, students with dyslexia risk developing behavioral problems at school, giving up, withdrawing socially and eventually dropping out and suffering delinquency, depression and unemployment………………. “SLD/dyslexia teacher education is compulsory for incoming teachers in the US, Canada, and the UK but this is not the case here in Australia…………………………..Dr Firth says Australia is being left behind in its response to the condition. “what really struck me is that it is recognized and specifically state as a disability in America, Canada and England………………………………………”The dyslexia friendly school model is SOMETHING THAT COULD BE TRANSLATED HERE EASILY…….IT IS ABOUT TEACHER TRAINING and teachers are dying to know what to do about these kids…….” I have contacted Dr Firth and asked where I could view a dyslexic friendly school model. I was directed to the British Dyslexia Association web site. I agree with Dr Firth, I believe this could easily be achieved here, and if it has improved literacy in schools in the UK, why are we not doing this….

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